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Should You Verify Your Email List Before Sending Cold Emails?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Cold Emailing is a great marketing strategy to interact with new people and inform them about offers, promotions, and solutions that will benefit both of you. However, cold emailing requires you to send emails to the right address of the recipient.

You spend significant time planning the cold email campaign and formulating attention-grabbing emails, but what if the email never reaches the prospective audience? Or it goes to an email address no longer in use.

According to research, the average email bounce rate is about 9.75%. It means that some of your emails do not fit into the recipient's main inbox. This will impact your campaign objectives and results, and your efforts will go in vain.

Thus, you must approach cold email marketing wisely, strategically, and professionally and get recipients open and respond to your emails. Email verification techniques will assist you in accomplishing this.

Table of Contents

1. Benefits of Verifying Email Addresses

Email verification is important for sending out cold emails, especially when working as a B2B sales representative. Cold emailing is a great way to approach B2B clients and make them aware of your business offers; however, you must ensure that your emails are sent to the correct address. Validating email addresses will assist you to:

Avoid Email Bounces

As your email bounce rate increases, your campaign's performance declines. Moreover, the domain quality of your email account lowers with constant bounces. Email verification ensures that you are cold emailing the right audience. This way, the email reaches the main inbox and the chances of it being opened and read increase.

Improve Email Deliverability

If your emails are often sent to invalid or spammy email addresses, the rate of deliverability decreases. The underlying algorithm determines your email's quality, and it degrades as more emails bounce. Sending emails to the right addresses is essential to maintain professionalism and credibility. Verifying email addresses ensure that they are correct and in use by the recipient.

Update Your Email List

Many email addresses expire each year. You are at a loss if you have outdated email addresses in your cold emailing list. The emails you send might never reach the recipient, and your efforts are useless. Verifying emails after a certain time ensures the list has all the updated emails so the audience can read and respond to them.

Get Effective Campaign Results

You may have certain goals when starting a cold email campaign. To achieve those, you must curate a list of verified emails to ensure that your time and effort result in better outcomes. You must verify emails to ensure you can send emails to useless addresses and benefit from them. The campaign performance improves when all emails are sent to the recipient's inbox. They can then read and respond to their emails as per their interest.

2. How to Verify Leads When Cold Emailing?

The effectiveness of your campaign depends on researching your target audience. One of the steps involves the need for email verification. Once you find an email address of a viable lead, you must verify it before putting it on your list. Here are a few ways to validate recipient email addresses:

Check for Syntax Errors

Most of the time, the emails are invalid because of a small syntax error in the email address. You can manually check the person's email address when sending out an email to ensure the syntax is correct. The address has three components, the unique identifier, '@', and the domain name. If these three are correct, you are good to go.

Search through DNS

Using DNS Lookup, you can ensure that the email's domain name is correct. If the domain has any blacklist information, you can also identify that. Enter the email address's domain name and do a DNS check to get information about the domain. This way, you can verify your lead's email address before sending them cold emails.

Send through a Test Account

Another way to verify that the email address is valid is to send the email to the address. You don't have to use your main email account but a test account from which you can verify if the emails are sent successfully. You can then send them through your main business address.

User an Email Validation Software

Using email validation software is a great way to get rid of bad emails and improve your deliverability. There are lots of options available and here are some of our favorites:

AtData - AtData is a great platform for validating email lists and they tend to provide more accurate results than any of the other options available. The only downside is that they are quite a bit more expensive than the other email validation tools out there.

ZeroBounce - ZeroBounce is an easy-to-use email validation platform with fast performance and high accuracy. We like that they offer a generous free trial and that the monthly plans start at only $15 per month.

ZeroBounceDeBounce - DeBounce offers the most affordable option compared to AtData and ZeroBounce with pricing starting at only $10 per month for 5,000 emails. They lack performance and accuracy which could be a deal breaker for some customers.

Email Validation Platforms are a great option but they add an extra step and require you to upload, verify, export, and then upload your contacts back into your CRM or Prospecting Tool.

3. Solution: Start With Pre-Validated Contacts & Leads

If your business wants a quick and efficient way to generate leads through cold emailing, you need to use contacts with validated emails. You can buy email lists and validate them using third-party email validation tools or you can use an all-in-one platform that provides you with contacts and validates the emails in real time.

The best cost-effective platform to get verified leads is NYMBLR. You can find details about your leads belonging to any organization without paying hefty amounts. The built-in real-time email validation feature of NYMBLR allows you to create a list of potential candidates for your cold emailing campaign. When you send emails to verified contacts, your goals and objectives will likely be met. You appear credible to your prospective audience, inclining their interest in your offers. You and your audience will benefit from the right email addresses and content strategy.

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