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Verified Contact Data: A Must for B2B Marketing Success

Accurate and validated contact data is one of the most crucial resources you should have as a business-to-business (B2B) marketer. Having current and precise contact information is essential for the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, whether you're emailing, calling, or mailing potential customers.

Without verified contact information, you risk spending time and money on marketing activities that either fail to reach the target market or, worse still, are viewed as spam or unwelcome solicitations. In fact, according to a study by ReachForce, poor data quality can cost a company an average of $9.7 million per year.

In this blog, we offer insightful information and practical suggestions you can use to make sure your marketing initiatives are successful using verified contact data, whether you're an experienced B2B marketer or just getting started.

What is Verified, Contact Data?

What precisely are verified contact details, then? In its simplest form, contact data is any information used to get in touch with or find a person, business, or organization. Email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are a few examples of this. People often change organizations and their contact information, such as mailing addresses and professional phone numbers. Hence, it would help if you validated that the information you will use for reaching out is authentic.

Verification is the procedure to ensure the contact information in question is correct, current, and belongs to a real person or business. This can be done either manually by comparing the data to various sources, such as publicly accessible directories or databases, or automatically by employing verification technologies that can rapidly and reliably verify the data's authenticity. When contacts are authentic, you can easily reach out to them and enhance the chances of marketing to the right audience.

Verifying contact information can be done in a few different ways, including:

Manual verification: To confirm the accuracy of the data, it is compared to several sources, including databases and directories that are accessible to the general public. Even though it takes time, this method can be useful for checking modest amounts of contact information.

Automated verification tools: A variety of tools are available that can quickly and accurately verify contact data, often in real-time. These tools can be particularly useful for businesses with large amounts of contact data to verify, as they can save time and resources.

Why is Verified Contact Data Important for B2B Marketing?

You understand the value of having correct and current contact information for your target market as a B2B marketer. But why is verifying contact information crucial for B2B marketing success? Here are a few reasons:

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Verified contact data enables you to target your marketing efforts more precisely, resulting in higher response rates and a better return on investment for your marketing initiatives. Additionally, it ensures that your marketing efforts reach the right audience rather than being flagged as spam or ignored owing to incorrect phone or email addresses.

Improved ROI on Marketing Spend

By using verified contact information, you can be sure that your marketing initiatives reach actual people and businesses, which can contribute to a higher return on marketing investment. This is particularly crucial in B2B, where marketing budgets are frequently constrained, and maximizing every dollar invested is essential.

Better Marketing Campaign Targeting

Verified contact information makes it possible to segment and focus your marketing campaigns more successfully. For instance, you can utilize verified contact information to ensure that your marketing efforts are directed at the appropriate audience if you're selling a good or service that only applies to particular industries or job functions.

Enhanced Credibility and Reputation

Using verified contact information can help to improve your company's credibility and reputation. You may develop trust and position yourself as a dependable and capable partner by contacting actual people and organizations with pertinent and tailored messaging.

The Benefits of Using Verified Contact Data in B2B Marketing

Regarding B2B marketing, businesses need to reach out to professionals in other organizations. They need their contact information, either a phone number or email, to send information regarding their marketing campaign. With verified contact data, B2B businesses receive several benefits in making their marketing efforts successful. Here are the top three benefits:

Higher Deliverability Rates for Email Campaigns

Verified contact data has several advantages, but one of the largest is that it improves email campaign deliverability. Your emails may bounce back or be rejected by the recipient's email server if you send them to outdated or invalid email addresses. In addition to wasting time and money, this can damage your sender's reputation and impact deliverability rates for subsequent campaigns. Utilizing verified contact information can ensure that your emails are being received by actual people and businesses, thus increasing the deliverability of your campaigns.

Increased Response Rates to Marketing Campaigns

You are more likely to receive a response when you communicate with people and organizations in a relevant and personalized way. You can do this because verified contact information guarantees that you are connecting with actual people and providing them with correct and current information. Verified data keeps you updated about the lead so you know everything you should before reaching out to them. Your marketing campaigns may benefit from improved response rates and better conversion rates as a result.

Improved Customer Experience

Verified contact data can also help to improve the customer experience, as it allows you to reach out to individuals and organizations with relevant and personalized messaging. Moreover, you can anticipate the contacts interested in your business through the correct contact data. Reaching out to the right leads respectfully can help build trust and establish you as a reliable and professional partner, leading to more satisfied customers and better long-term relationships.

How to Verify Contact Data?

Verifying contact information is crucial in ensuring your B2B marketing initiatives are successful. You can follow these procedures to check your contact information:

Research and select a reliable verification service

A variety of businesses available can assist you with verifying your contact information, so do your research and pick a reputable provider. It's crucial to conduct thorough research and pick a reputable business with a solid reputation for dependability and accuracy. When choosing a verification service, you should consider the kinds of data they can check, their rates of accuracy, and their cost.


· A reliable verification service can increase the accuracy of your contact data.

· It can save time and resources, especially if you have a large volume of data to verify.

· It enhances your reputation and credibility as a business.


· One potential downside to using a verification service is the cost.

· Implement internal verification procedures

In-house Verification

You can do this depending on the size of your company and the quantity of contact information you need to check. Verifying the accuracy of the data may entail manually comparing it to various sources or utilizing automated verification methods. If you decide to adopt verification methods internally, it’s crucial to budget enough time and money to guarantee that the procedure is complete and efficient.


· Implementing verification processes in-house allows you to have greater control over the process.

· You may have more flexibility regarding the types of data you can verify and the level of accuracy you require.

· Internal verification processes may be more cost-effective, especially for smaller volumes of data.


· In-house verification can be time-consuming and require significant resources, especially for large volumes of data.

· It is hard to scale, especially for businesses that experience rapid growth or have a large volume of data to verify.

· The accuracy may need to improve because the team can make manual errors.

Utilize automated verification tools

Numerous technologies can quickly and precisely validate contact information, frequently in real-time. These solutions can be especially helpful for companies that need to verify a lot of contact information because they can save time and money. It’s crucial to consider aspects like the data types they can check, their accuracy rates, and their pricing when choosing an automated verification tool.


· Automated verification tools can quickly and accurately verify large volumes of data, saving time and resources.

· It may be more accurate than manual verification processes, especially for large volumes of data.

· Automated tools can be easily scaled up or down depending on the volume of data you need to verify.


· Automated tools may involve a dependency on an external service, which can be risky if the service experiences technical issues or goes out of business.

· They can limit your control over the verification process, as you may not have as much flexibility regarding the types of data you can verify or the accuracy level required.

Monitor and update contact data regularly.

Regularly updating and verifying your contact information is necessary to guarantee that it is correct and current. Regularly comparing your data to publicly accessible sources or utilizing automated verification tools to ensure accuracy will help with this. You can be sure that you are reaching actual people and organizations with pertinent and targeted messaging by routinely updating your contact information.


· Regularly updating and monitoring your contact data can improve its accuracy.

· It can also enhance your reputation and credibility as a business.

· It can lead to higher response rates to your marketing efforts, as you are more likely to reach real individuals and organizations with relevant messaging.


· Updating and monitoring your contact data can be time-consuming and require significant resources, especially if you manage large data.

· The cost can vary depending on the tools and resources you use to update and monitor your contact data.

· It may depend on external sources, which can be a risk if they are unreliable or unavailable.

What to Look for When Choosing a Verified B2B Data Provider?

Choosing a B2B data provider is the best way to get verified B2B contacts and generate new leads. They have up-to-date databases with contact information of all the essential people and organizations in the market. Hence, choosing the right one is going to benefit your marketing campaigns.

You must consider a few things to ensure you are getting the best value for your money when selecting a B2B data provider service. First and foremost, you should pick a service provider with a solid reputation for accuracy. To increase the efficiency and efficacy of your marketing operations, you need to ensure the data you use is correct and current.

The relevancy of the data also adds value to the services. You should consider the sources of the data provided by the service. The more reliable and diverse the sources, the more confident you can be in the accuracy and relevance of the data. Lastly, pricing also plays a great role in the decision. Choose a service that ensures accurate data at an affordable price so you can benefit in the long run and get a better ROI.

Get Real-Time Data Verification at NYMBLR

B2B salespeople and marketing teams seek ways to generate new leads and reach out to their target clients to succeed in their marketing efforts. The first step to ensure your message reaches the prospects is to have their accurate contact information. Contact data verification in the B2B market is the most crucial step for lead generation. Once you have a list of genuine B2B leads, you can make connections and grow your business in the market.

One of the best verified B2B data providers in the market is NYMBLR. We understand the importance of accurate and up-to-date contact data for B2B marketing success. That's why we offer real-time data verification to ensure that you are reaching real individuals and organizations with relevant and personalized messaging.

With NYMBLR, you can be confident that you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date contact data. By using our real-time data verification process, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your B2B marketing efforts, leading to better results for your business.


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