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The Best B2B Data Providers for Expanding Your Business

As a marketer or business owner, you know how crucial it is to access reliable data to make wise decisions and advance your enterprise. Access to reliable information on the businesses you're interested in is crucial for efficiently identifying and connecting with potential partners and customers.

Finding your ideal leads without a good B2B contact tool is time-consuming and may produce inefficient results. The good news is that there are several data providers to pick from in the market regarding B2B data.

Read below to find out what data providers do and how they benefit your business, and discover our top picks that serve quality B2B data.

What is a B2B Data Provider?

A B2B data provider is a service that specializes in collecting, organizing, and selling data related to businesses. The business data may include company names, contact information, industry classifications, sizes, revenues, and other information. This information is often provided by B2B data providers as part of a subscription service or on a per-record basis. Other companies typically utilize it for marketing, sales, and research purposes.

Why Do You Need a B2B Data Provider?

In the current digital era, businesses need to have access to accurate and current data. Businesses have access to many data and insights from B2B data providers, which can aid in better decision-making, operational improvement, and revenue growth. B2B data providers may assist businesses in finding new possibilities, focusing their marketing and sales activities more efficiently, and making more informed decisions about their strategies and operations by giving them access to reliable and current data on industries, markets, and organizations.

B2B data providers can become an asset for companies wanting to stay ahead of the curve and grow in a quickly evolving corporate environment. Additionally, by giving access to data and insights that would otherwise be challenging or time-consuming to collect, B2B data providers can aid firms in saving time and resources.

10 Best B2B Data Providers for Your Business in 2022

You will find many b2B data providers in the market, but choosing the one that suits your business needs the best is essential. We gathered a list of the best B2B data providers for expanding your business in 2022.

NYMBLR is a one-stop shop for all your business information needs. It offers outbound sales automation tools made especially for sales teams and agencies and access to over 700 million decision-makers. It provides verified leads of the top business professionals so you can easily reach out to them to expand your business.

The real-time email and contact validation tool enables users to get accurate data every time so that they are sure to reach their prospective targets. Small- to large-scale businesses or even those who have just stepped into the market can use NYMBLR to benefit their lead generation and rapid growth.

One of the best things about NYMBLR is its cost efficiency. You can now access a high-quality B2B database under budget. Using the NYMBLR platform or APIs, you can instantly add accurate and current data points to emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, and company websites.

Key Features:

· 90+ million US-based contacts with work emails, personal emails, and mobile numbers

· APIs (available to everyone)

· Unlimited users at no extra cost

· Real-time email verification

· Team management

· White label experience

· Export as many contacts as needed with a click

· Starts at only $100/mo for 1,000 contacts

· Never pay for contacts with invalid or accept-all emails

Lusha is another B2B sales and marketing tool to provide a pool of contacts of as many as 60+ million. The platform provides fine-grained targeted filters to discover the best leads and make lead generation easier for salespeople and decision-makers.

It is a great tool for small to medium-sized businesses that want accurate data to expand their business in the industry. Its pricing starts at $39 per month per user, which seems affordable for a single user but might not help you save in the long term. With an 81% of accuracy rate, Lusha can be a viable choice for many. A good variety of contact and business information is available, but a lack of features and low accuracy can be a bummer.

Key Features:

· People and company search

· 12+ contact attributes

· 25+ company attributes

· API (only available to Enterprise customers)

· Pay per user

· Team management

· CRM integration

Uplead is a lead generation platform for B2B businesses where sales and marketing teams can sift through accurate contacts. It offers around 50+ search filters to build efficiently targeted prospect lists quickly.

Uplead is great for all business sizes and makes affordable services for acquiring B2B data. With an accuracy of 95%, Uplead aims to aid B2B businesses to expand through its extensive contact database. However, it doesn't have a mobile app to quickly navigate through.

Key features:

· 50+ search criteria filters

· Real-time email verification

· Data Enrichment

· CRM integration

· Competitor intelligence

ZoomInfo is an alternative to Nymbler and a useful B2B tool for sales and marketing teams. To get excellent leads and create customized prospect lists, you should search through ZoomInfo's enriched database providing specific details of over 230 million professionals.

The platform enables you to access real-time intent data and verified contacts and create automated workflows which can be integrated with your current technologies. While ZoomInfo has proved to be a viable solution for many, its high price is a major setback. With an annual cost of $15,000, ZoomInfo might not be the one for small-sized B2B businesses.

Key Features:

· Organizational charts

· Automated workflows

· Team management

· Purchase intent data

· Google Chrome extension is an artificial intelligence-powered search tool that finds your target data in real-time. You may find several contact details through this platform, such as phone numbers and email addresses, making lead generation quick and efficient.

Unlike other platforms we have discussed, doesn't have the features of a contact database. It is great for large-scale businesses looking for B2B clients and isn't much concerned with traditional database features. However, this might be different for businesses looking for a more organized, easy B2B database platform.

Key Features:

· Data Enrichment

· CRM integration

· Email verification

· Pitch Intelligence

· Google Chrome extension

· Automated list building

Clearbit is another great B2B data provider giving access to an enormous database enriched with contacts of all the leads you need. It offers over 100 features to sift through the database and generate high-quality leads.

Whether the business is small or large, Clearbit can be an all-rounded solution with around 350+ million contacts. It has a strong email validation tool to ensure the cold emails you send reach the audience's main mailbox. One of the issues with Clearbit is its vague pricing structure, which may not be ideal for long-term usage.

Key Features:

· Firmographic, technographic, and demographic attributes


· Email validation

· Purchase intent data

· CRM integration

OneMoreLead is a dynamic data listing tool providing reliable B2B information of around 55+ million contacts to approach prospects efficiently and quickly. It provides 100% verified prospects, making it simple for you to select the best database for your company.

The hyper-focused data analytics used by OneMoreLead filters out the best contacts for your business so you can find new ways to expand it. It has affordable pricing plans for single users and business teams, maintaining a trackable database to give real-time updates on the prospects.

Key Features:

· Integrated and saved lists

· Saved Searches

· Strong filtering

· Data erasure

LinkedInSalesNavigator is an automated lead generation tool to access an enriched B2B contact data pool. It uses LinkedIn's database consisting of around 800+ million members. These professionals can prove viable to expand your business and build good relationships with other businesses.

LinkedInSalesNavigator offers unlimited searches and extended network access to allow users to get information quickly. While the tool is great in terms of its LinkedIn-connected database, it may fail to provide real-time email verification. Thus, you may end up with an old email that needs to be more relevant to the current date.

Key Features:

· Advanced searching filters

· Intent data

· CRM integration


As the name suggests, LeadGenius is a great lead-generation platform for data-driven marketing and business growth strategy. It provides personalized data and smart insights on B2B data so you can make effective decisions.

LeadGenius finds difficult-to-find B2B Data to significantly speed up your go-to-market efforts. LeadGenius can be the best platform for outsourcing leads for large and mid-sized businesses. It has a robotic process automation feature that eases finding authentic leads.

Key Features:

· Vertical datasets

· Buying intent signals

· Custom data and signals API

· Account and contact intelligence

Apollo is a web-based lead generation tool that provides users a place to find the best leads to expand their business. It gives around 200 search features that filter from a 250+ million contact database to get the top leads your business needs.

Sellers, marketers, and founders can network with potential clients to grow in the market. Custom workflow creation and seamless integrations offered by Apollo assist you in creating full client lists. However, the data may need more accuracy in the immediate and changing corporate environment.

Key Features:

· Technographic and firmographic filters

· Buying intent data

· Google Chrome extension

· Sales Engagement and Analytics

· CRM integration

Things to Consider When Choosing a B2B Data Provider for Your Business

Choosing a B2B data provider can be a daunting task. There are several crucial elements to consider when selecting a B2B data provider for your company. These elements ensure that you pick a service that can cater to your particular requirements and assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision:

Data Quality

You must acquire high-quality data from your B2B data source. Ensure the information they provide is correct, current, and pertinent to your company. To ensure the data satisfies your needs, request samples and test them out.

Data Coverage

It would help if you considered the provider's depth and breadth of data. Do they cover the markets and areas that are significant to your company? Verify that they have the precise data you require and that it pertains to the regions and sectors you are targeting.

Ease of use

You should pick a data supplier with a user-friendly interface and tools for organizing and accessing data. Look for service providers who provide APIs, software interfaces, and other capabilities that simplify working with the data.

Customer service

For any organization, providing excellent customer service is crucial, especially for data providers. Select a business with a reputation for offering prompt and beneficial customer service.


When selecting a data source, price is always a consideration. Compare the costs of various suppliers and consider the value you are receiving. Remember that less expensive providers might only sometimes supply the highest-quality data.

Legal Considerations

To guarantee that your organization can use the provider's data in a way that is ethical and legal, carefully check both the provider's terms of service and privacy policies. You want to ensure that you are using the right services that comply with the policies within the industry.

You may decide which B2B data supplier is best for your company by considering these considerations. You can be sure you are making the best decision for your company by selecting a provider that provides high-quality, comprehensive data at an affordable price, with reliable customer service and robust data protection measures. With the right B2B service, salespeople, marketing teams, and decision-makers can improve business operations.

The Takeaway

As B2B businesses look for expanding areas, they require contacts to reach their prospective clients. Especially when you are reaching a new client, i.e., through cold outreach, you will need to search for an authentic email or phone number. B2B data providers ensure you receive the right pool of clients through accurate contact databases to grow and expand your business quickly.

By considering data quality, coverage, format, pricing, customer support, and data security, you can decide which provider is the best fit for your business needs. Once you partner with the right B2B data provider, you can form a solid clientele that will be beneficial in the long run.


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