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NYMBLR vs ZoomInfo - ZoomInfo alternative & ZoomInfo competitor

Updated: Jan 4

About ZoomInfo - ZoomInfo is a Nimbler competitor and alternative that provides B2B contact data, company data, and company intent data. ZoomInfo claims to have 150 million contact records, 100 million company records, 129 million email addresses, and 50 million direct dials (40 million mobile numbers).

About NYMBLR - Nimbler is a ZoomInfo competitor and alternative that provides access to over 80 million decision-makers with verified work emails, personal emails, and mobile numbers.

Table of Contents

1. Data Coverage

  • Global coverage

  • 220 million contact records

  • 100 million company records

  • 150 million email addresses

  • 50 million direct dials (40 million mobile numbers).

  • United States only

  • 80+ million contacts

  • 60 million work email addresses

  • 35 million personal email addresses

  • 35 million mobile numbers

ZoomInfo offers high-quality contact and company data but NYMBLR offers access to more people in the United States with more work emails and more personal emails. Try NYMBLR for free today

2. Features

ZoomInfo Features

  • People search

  • Email validation

  • Outbound sales campaigns

  • Buyer intent data

  • Website visitors

  • Team management

NYMBLR Features

  • People search

  • Real-time email validation

  • Contact Data Enrichment

  • Developer APIs

  • Team management

  • White-label

  • Unlimited users

ZoomInfo offers cool features like website visitor detection and buyer intent data but they cost extra and come at a premium. NYMBLR helps you speed up the sales process and stand out with its multi-email inbox, white-label features, and simple and affordable pricing.Try NYMBLR for free today

3. Pricing

  • Starts at $24,995/year

  • Paid upfront

  • $2,500 per additional user

  • $0.50 per additional credit

  • $10,000 for worldwide data

  • Buyer intent data starts at $12,000 per year

  • Sales automation starts at $3,240 per year

NYMBLR Pricing

  • Starts at $250/month

  • Paid monthly (cancel anytime)


  • 10,000 credits

  • Enrichemt

  • White-label as standard

  • API as standard

  • Never pay for bad data

  • Standard real-time email validation

ZoomInfo is not cheap, to say the least. They hide their pricing behind multiple sales calls that can be frustrating and offer confusing upsell products and features which are not included in the base price. NYMBLR offers flexible and affordable plans designed to help your sales team and agency speed up the prospecting process without breaking the bank. Try NYMBLR for free today

ZoomInfo vs NYMBLR ZoomInfo Alternative & ZoomInfo Competitor Conclusion

  • NYMBLR data is more accurate – Due to the way we collect data, we can go back to the contact for self-reported updates via their social profiles. We also use email validation to verify with the company that the contact is still employed and human validation. ZoomInfo has a difficult recreating their updates due to the way they gather their data and they do not do email validation.

  • NYMBLR is more affordable – ZoomInfo needs to charge higher prices to account for all of the money raised by investors. You are paying for name-brand recognition versus quality.

  • NYMBLR is built for Sales and Marketing – ZoomInfo is mainly a sales enablement tool for 1 off searches, unlike NYMBLR which can do 1 of searches, as well as bulk data projects for marketing, including enriching and cleansing large data sets and pulling large lists for marketing campaigns.

  • NYMBLR can be white-labeled, but ZoomInfo can't.

Try Nymblr for free today and stop overpaying for contact data and user seats.


Ready to make your sales team more effective?

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