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NYMBLR vs Lusha - Lusha alternative & Lusha competitor

Updated: Jan 4

About Lusha - Lusha is a Nimbler competitor and alternative that provides access to B2B contact data and company data. Lusha starts at $39/month per user and they claim to have 100 million contact records, 60 million email addresses, and 50 million direct dials. It's unclear how many mobile numbers they have and their accuracy rate is quite low at 81%.

About NYMBLR - Nimbler is a Lusha alternative and competitor that provides access to over 80 million decision-makers and outbound sales automation tools designed specifically for sales teams and agencies. NYMBLR provides more data and more sales features compared to Lusha.

Table of Contents

1. Data Coverage

  • 100 million contact records

  • 15 million company records

  • 60 million email addresses

  • 50 million direct dials

  • 80 million contacts

  • 55 million work email addresses

  • 35 million personal email addresses

  • 20 million direct dials

Lusha offers a decent amount of contact and company data but NYMBLR offers access to much more people globally with more work emails, and more personal emails. Try NYMBLR for free today

2. Features

Lusha Features

  • People search

  • Company search

  • Chrome extension

  • APIs (only available to Enterprise customers)

  • Team management

NYMBLR Features

  • People search

  • Real-time email validation

  • Contact data enrichment

  • Team management

  • White-label

  • APIs (available to everyone)

Lusha offers nice features like their LinkedIn chrome extension but they lack sales automation tools. NYMBLR helps you speed up the sales process and stand out with its rich standard features like the data API, multi-email inbox, white-label features, and simple and affordable pricing.Try NYMBLR for free today

3. Pricing

  • Starts at $39/month per user

  • API costs extra

  • Integrations cost extra

  • Expensive contacts start at $1 each with no real-time email validation

NYMBLR Pricing

  • Starts at $250/month


  • 10,000 credits

  • Never pay for bad data

  • Real-time email validation

  • White-label as standard

  • APIs as standard

Lusha is a great tool for individual salespeople but it seems expensive and very limited. NYMBLR offers flexible and affordable plans designed to help your sales team and agency speed up the prospecting process without breaking the bank. Try NYMBLR for free today

Lusha vs NYMBLR Lusha Alternative & Lusha Competitor Conclusion

  • NYMBLR offers more data than Lusha.

  • NYMBLR data has better quality than Lusha which only offers 81% accuracy, meaning that you automatically lose 20% of every dollar spent with them. Due to the way we collect data, we can go back to the contact for self-reported updates via their social profiles. We also use email validation to verify with the company that the contact is still employed and human validation.

  • NYMBLR offers a better value than Lusha – Lusha lacks features and functionalities so you have to spend more money on other tools in order to integrate their data into your sales process. NYMBLR on the other hand offers an all-in-one solution saving you time and money.

  • NYMBLR is built for sales teams and sales agencies while Lusha focuses on individual salespeople.

  • NYMBLR offers teams and agencies a complete white-label experience while Lusha doesn't.


Ready to make your sales team more effective?

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