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Reach your ideal customers at scale and put your outbound prospecting on cruise control.

Nimbler is the ultimate outbound sales platform that will identify your ideal customers, generate personalized outreach sequences, and engage with your prospects autonomously - so you can focus on closing deals.

Audidece Builder

Done for you prospecting and outreach at scale.

Say Hello to your personal AI Sales Assistant

The Nimbler AI chat assistant is trained to interact with you and understand your business and ideal customers so it can do all of the time-consuming prospecting for you.

Autonomous prospecting & campaign management

Nymblr has access to 100+ million verified US-based business contacts allowing us to source the best prospects for your business and create personalized outbound email and text campaigns that deliver appointments, demos, and deals.

Easy to use unified inbox

Our advanced email validation and prioritization engine improves deliverability and helps you reach your prospect's inbox and deliver higher response rates.

Scale outbound with unlimited senders & users.

Connect unlimited email accounts (senders) and users at no extra cost and reach your ideal customers at scale via email.


Prospecting used to suck... until now.


Find contact data

Validate emails

Pay more for mobiles

Create a sequence

Generate content

Find more contacts

Update sequence

Update content

Find more contacts

Update sequence

Describe your business

We identify your prospects

We validate emails

We generate sequence

We personalize content

We optimize campaign

You close more deals

Free tip:
Work smart, not hard.

Prospect Finder

The ultimate sales automation and B2B data platform.

Contact Data

Get access to over 100 million verified US-based B2B contacts with work emails, personal emails, and mobile numbers, and build custom lists and audiences.


Enrich your existing contact data and lists with accurate work emails, personal emails, mobile numbers, social media profiles, and company information. 

Developer APIs

Build products and custom solutions with our industry-leading APIs and white-label solutions.


Mike Higgins

“Building and launching outbound campaigns has never been easier and more effective. We love the simplicity of Nimbler”

Trusted by over 2500 companies.

innovation refunds logo.png

Innovation shouldn't break the bank.


Never pay per user or for bad data again.

starting at
for 10,
000 credits.

• Unlimited Users

• Unlimited Inboxes

• Unlimited Campaigns

• AI Sales Assistant

• AI Personalized Content

• AI Campaign Builder

• Bounce Protection

• Real-Time Email Validation

• Prospect Finder

• Bulk Enrichment

• LinkedIn Extension

• Developer APIs

Stop wasting time, money, and opportunities.

Sales Automation Price Comparison

The Nimbler Sales Automation Suite saves you weeks of work and thousands of dollars each month.

Contact Data (ZoomInfo or similar)

Outreach Tool (Outreach or similar) 

SDR Salary

3 Months of Training

Management Time

Max Salespeople Supported per SDR

Percentage of SDRs who miss Quota*





10 hours/week



Important Message: Our goal is not to eliminate the need for SDRs. Our goal is to provide them with a platform that increases their productivity and success by 10x.

Percentage of SDRs who miss Quota according to Gartner

We are loved by many sales, marketing, and revops teams.

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  • Can I add unlimited senders?
    Yes, you can connect unlimited email accounts at no extra cost so you can reach your ideal customers at scale.
  • Do I have to pay per user?
    No, you don't. You can add unlimited user to your account for no extra cost.
  • Can I cancel?
    Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and for any reason.
  • Do I pay for invalid contact data?
    No, you will never pay for bad data. We validate each work email in real-time and we only charge credit when the contact has a 100% valid work email address. Contacts with catch-all/accept-all and unknown/invalid emails are provided at no cost.
  • What is a credit?
    Credits are only used when you unlock and reveal the contact information for a given person. You will only be charged 1 credit per unlocked contact and you will receive all available data points including work email, personal email, mobile number, social media profiles, work information, and more.
  • What is Real-Time Email Validation?
    We believe in transparency so we validate every email address at the time of unlock so you have access to the most accurate data.
  • Can I export contacts?
    Yes, you can export contacts to a CSV file.
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